Settling In

Your Travel

Inform the International Relations Office about your arrival date and time, as soon as you know when you will arrive in Sarajevo. Upon your arrival we will organize a proper greeting with you, and if necessary, a pick-up from the airport.


Upon Arrival

Please register to IUS’ International Relations Office, in order to confirm your safe arrival (directly next day).

The necessary information and the additional documentation that is required will be shared at this point.



On June 2009, the International University of Sarajevo opened its first campus dormitory building that can accommodate 220 male students. In 2010, dormitory for female students was opened as well. There are rooms with two and five-beds. Each room has its own bathroom and most of them have their own study space. The student dormitories are within the walking distance from the academic building and provide a good environment for social needs. All rooms are furnished and general cleaning service is provided.

Wireless Internet connection is provided for the students at the whole Campus area. Students can also rent apartments in the city if they wish to do so. The university administration can advise students about accommodation.

Facilities within the dormitories include central heating, study areas, library and laundry rooms. It is equipped with canteens to gather for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

In the area where the dormitories are located, the students can find sports facilities such as a football and basketball court. The University administration can advise students about further accommodation options.


Food Services

IUS has a Campus Canteen that serves students with economical food alternatives in a clean and comfortable setting. There are also nearby restaurants and cafes that provide food at reasonable prices.



IUS Campus is located 5 km from the Sarajevo Airport. Campus can be reached by tram no. 3 that runs between Baščaršija and Ilidža. The price of the tram ticket ranges from 1,60 KM (if bought from the news-stand) to 1,80 KM (if bought from the tram driver). After arrival to Ilidža tram station, Campus is 10 min away on foot or 5 min by buses that run between Ilidža and Hrasnica or Ilidža and Sokolović Kolonija. Taxi service is relatively cheap in Sarajevo.


Sports and Social Facilities

IUS sees it as a responsibility to provide facilities which satisfy students' sportive and social needs. Student clubs are being set up for social activities. As a capital city of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Sarajevo is famous for its rich cultural life, it's a city where East meets West and encompasses the best of the both worlds.


Health Services

Foreign students must register for health insurance for a nominal fee. IUS helps its students receive health services from nearby clinics or hospitals.



The international student applicants are responsible to obtain an entry visa to Bosnia and Herzegovina from the respective embassies abroad. In addition to this, to certify all the relevant documents for the enrollment to the International University of Sarajevo.


Community Life

The city of Sarajevo is known for its rich variety of entertainment and activities available. As the capital of BiH and its largest city, Sarajevo is home to an abundance of sightseeing spots, educational institutions, shopping malls and a colorful night-life.